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Our Story

In 2009, Janna Lee was faced with a dilemma. All was set for an out of country vacation and she had squared away everything, except what to do with her beloved dog, Olivia. Naturally believing that NYC would be choc full of excellent pet hotels, she was shocked at the lack of options the city provided. Some facilities were dirty, others lacked knowledgeable staff, most were "caged," and the food options were pretty dismal. All in all, she just didn't feel like there was any place that provided the kind of environment she wanted for a member of her family.

While she ended up not boarding Olivia and effusing to settle, . an idea was borne. What if she could create an urban oasis for dogs that not only satisfied her own need for a pet hotel, but provided dogs with the very best in daycare, playcare, walking, grooming, training, nutrition, and most importantly - LOVE. She and her business partner, Peter Balestrieri, thus embarked on a journey to build Fetch Club into a state-of-the-art facility for all things dog.

By October of 2012, Fetch Club had been open for 2 years, had significant media attention, and was developing a burgeoning reputation for its "urban canine lifestyle," when tragedy struck. In a few short hours, Hurricane Sandy managed to wreak devastation across NY, particularly in lower Manhattan. Many pet owners were away or were unable to enter Manhattan for days or weeks and could not retrieve their loved ones.

Fetch Club took the responsibility to care for all of the dogs unable to get back to their owners and opened up their personal homes to care for these dogs. Without electricity and basic essentials, staff members volunteered to stay with the dogs, some for more than a week. Much of Fetch Club was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, but through faith, determination, and the love and support of our customers, we were able to rebuild and are stronger than we were before.

Today, Fetch Club is a 13,000 sq. foot paradise for dogs located in NY's historic seaport district offering hotel, daycare, grooming, training, walking services, customized nutrition, and a curated retail boutique. While we continue to add unique services offered only at Fetch Club and plan to open more urban clubs in the future, we will never lose sight of why we exist, namely, to provide a place for you and your beloved pooch to feel confident knowing that your dog will be taken care of in a form and manner that not only makes you comfortable, but exceeds all your expectations.

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Fetch Club and hope that you will give us the opportunity to introduce you to the next level in luxury pet services.


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 10AM - 5PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 9AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM

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