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About The Walk Club

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to you and your pet to THE WALK CLUB, brought to you by Fetch Club and powered by Pet Check Technology.  The Walk Club has been launched in an effort to provide the best walking and home-visit services for your pet, with safety and peace-of-mind as our top priorities in servicing your family.  


Our Pet Check Technology Program

The New Standard  The Walk Club raises the bar in pet care and dog walking.  We've pioneered new standards of accountability and client confidence by partnering with Pet Check Technology.  Pet Check Technology is a proprietary system that provides all parties with real-time certainty that your pet is being taken care of.  We do this by using mobile barcode technology, email alerts, GPS tracking, and online tools for accuracy and convenience.  You'll be able to track GPS coordinates of your dog's walk, as well as manage your pet care schedule through the secure management page online; automated reporting or arrival and departure times arrive via email, so you can see exactly when your dog was walked or your pet was visited in your home.
Mobile Barcode Technology  When you sign up with The Walk Club, a unique barcode containing an individual identification code is created and printed for your residence.  We print barcodes on magnetic strips and place them in a designated area in your home for easy accessibility by our Walk Club team.  
Real-Time Certainty  Our Walk Club team is equipped with Pet Check Technology on their mobile devices, enabling them to scan your personalized barcodes.  Our team will scan your barcode upon entry and exit, and these scans are processed by the Pet Check Technology server in real time.  The barcode information is synchronized to your scheduled and verified for accuracy.  
Email Alerts  You can opt in to receive a real-time email alert each time we arrive and depart from your home.
GPS Tracking  After you receive your real-time alert confirming your pet care specialist's arrival to your home, you can log on to your secure Pet Check account online to track GPS coordinates of your dog's walk.  You'll never have to second-guess where or how long your dog was walked with The Walk Club's Pet Check Technology system.
Online Tools  Pet Check Technology provides you with a secure, personalized, schedule-management page to help you manage your pet's schedule.  You can view past and future scheduled services as well as edit any upcoming reservations.  Once a request is made for a service, The Walk Club team will reach out to you as soon as possible but no later than within 24 hours.  With the Pet Check service, you can also edit billing information, retrieve invoices, and make payments at your convenience.    
Setup  Clients are responsible for a one-time Pet Check Technology processing charge of $25 when signing up for the service.  Activation fee includes Pet Check Technology programming time and printed barcode label.




Group Walk - 30 minutes

10+ per week $18
5-9 per week $20
4 or less per week $22


Group Walk - 60 minutes

10+ per week $36
5-9 per week $40
4 or less per week $44

*Price is per walk.  Group walks consist of no more than 3 pets per walk.


Private Walk / Home Visit - 30 minutes

10+ per week $28
5-9 per week $30
4 or less per week $32


Private Walk / Home Visit - 60 minutes

10+ per week $56
5-9 per week $60
4 or less per week $64


Additional Services

Medicine      $3 per medication
Feeding $4 per meal
Additional Dog $10 per dog

*Feeding is included if requested on Private Walks.


How to get started with TWC

Give us a call at (212) 401-8199 or email us at
THEWALKCLUB@FETCHCLUB.COM to schedule an initial meet-and-greet.

Set up your Pet Check account with us.

You're all set to schedule walks! Keep calm and walk on!


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 10AM - 5PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 9AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM


MON-FRI: 7AM - 7PM SAT & SUN: 10AM - 5PM

Contact Us

Interested in joining? Curious to find out more but still have questions? Want to schedule a tour or need help ​with a future reservation? Don't be shy and send us over a quick (or long) message! One of our Client Services Team Members will reach back out to you quickly!​

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